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  • Tile adhesive

The tile adhesive is made of cement, quartz sand, polymer cement, mixed with various additives, and uniformly mixed mechanically. VAMCELL® HPMC and VINNATE® Re-dispersible polymer powder can provide excellent performance.

Tile adhesive has many advantages: high bonding strength and fast hardening speed, which can greatly improve the service life and decorative effect of various paving materials; it is convenient to construct, and it can be used only by processing an appropriate amount of water and mixing. The tile to be pasted does not need blisters and can be pasted directly; excellent compression resistance, tensile strength, water resistance, alkali resistance and weather resistance, not affected by the environment; good workability, good water retention, workability, and anti-sagging Sex. During the bonding process, the ceramic tile can be adjusted for 10 minutes and the operating time is 60 minutes; ultra-thin layer construction can be realized, and the coating thickness is less than half of the traditional process, which saves costs and reduces the shrinkage rate. Cracking and falling off of the decorative adhesive surface due to stress; non-toxic, odorless, and pollution-free, it is a truly green product.