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  • Internal and external wall putty (skim coat)

Wall putty (skim coat) is a kind of base material used for wall repair and leveling, which lays a good foundation for the next decoration (painting and wallpapering). Putty is divided into two types: interior wall and exterior wall. The exterior wall putty has to resist wind and sun, so it has high adhesiveness, high strength, and slightly lower environmental protection index. The internal wall putty has a good comprehensive index, which is healthy and environmentally friendly. Usually putty is plaster or cement-based so that the rough surface is easier to bond firmly. However, during construction, a layer of interface agent must be applied to the base layer to seal the base layer and improve the adhesion of the wall surface, so that the putty can better bond to the base surface.

VAMCELL® HPMC and VINNATE® Re-dispersible polymer powder are mainly used for water retention, bonding and lubrication in the internal and external wall putty, to avoid excessive water loss caused by Cracks and dehydration also enhance the adhesion of the putty, reduce the sagging phenomenon during construction, and make the construction smoother.