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Self-leveling mortar includes cement-based self-leveling, self-leveling mortar, leveling mortar, etc. It is a product with high technological content and relatively complex technical links. It is a dry-mixed powdery material composed of multiple active ingredients, which can be used by mixing water on site. After a little spread of the scraper, you can get a high-level base surface. The fast hardening speed, quick and easy construction are unmatched by traditional manual leveling. Self-leveling mortar is safe to use, pollution-free, beautiful, fast construction, and put into use are the characteristics of self-leveling mortar. It enhances the civilized construction procedure, creates a high-quality, comfortable, and flat space, and the paving of diversified Peugeot finishes adds brilliant colors to life. Self-leveling mortar has a wide range of uses. It can be used in industrial plants, workshops, warehousing, commercial stores, exhibition halls, stadiums, hospitals, various open spaces, offices, etc., but also in homes, villas, and small cozy spaces. It can be used as a decorative surface layer or as a wear-resistant base layer.