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Feed grade FORCA® Calcium Formate and feed grade Potassium diformate have long been commonly used in EU countries. They are recognized by the majority of feed manufacturers as new feed additives.

The nutritional functions and effects of feed grade FORCA® Calcium Formate and feed grade Potassium diformate:

1. Adjust the palatability of feed, increase animal feed intake; improve the internal environment of the digestive tract, reduce the pH value of the stomach and small intestine;

2. Improve the resistance of animals to diseases, and reduce the number of deaths due to bacterial infections;

3. Improve piglet's digestibility and absorption rate of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus;

4. Improve the milk production of dairy cows; effectively suppress harmful ingredients such as mold in the feed, ensure the quality of the feed, and increase the shelf life of the feed.

5. It has the function of antibacterial and growth-promoting agents. The addition of FORCA® Calcium Formate and Potassium diformate can significantly reduce the content of anaerobic bacteria, Lactobacillus, Escherichia coli, and Salmonella in the chyme of various segments of the digestive tract.

China has completely banned the use of antibiotic growth promoters in feed-in July 2020. The choice of antibiotic substitutes has become a hot topic of discussion. Potassium diformate is the first feed additive approved by the European Union to replace antibiotic growth promoters. Therefore, Potassium diformate has attracted much attention.